5 Common Social Media Mistakes

Business Tips, Social Media • July 27, 2021

People often talk about what you SHOULD be doing on social media, but what about what you should STOP doing? It’s easy to get off track when it comes to social media but unfortunately, there are some mistakes you can make that will cost you in the long run! Here are a few common social media mistakes that you should immediately:

???? Being too sales-oriented

Your target audience can go to Amazon if they just wanted to shop. They are not following you just for your latest deal, but to get to know you and your brand. Use this opportunity to build trust. Stay out of the DMs with cold pitches and focus on building connections! You want to provide educational and/or valuable content that will allow your audience to get to know you and want to purchase from you.

???? Not speaking to your target audience

You should be trying to sell your product or service to a specific type of person. Someone with a specific need or challenge. Gear your content towards them, not everyone on social media. Your goal is to connect with your target audience, so speak directly to them. Research what challenges and motivates your audience and create content that addresses those specific issues. Avoid posting about topics that are too broad or general or that ignore what your audience is looking for.

???? Buying Followers

Why would you even want to do that? Because you are focusing on the wrong goal. Having a ton of followers won’t do your business any good if they are not interested in your content…or even worse…they are bots! These people or fake accounts aren’t going to spend their money with you. The goal is to grow organically. Focus on the quality of your followers instead of the quantity.

???? Posting too often or infrequently

If you’re not posting consistently, your reach and engagement will suffer. I recommend posting at least three times a week. On the flip side, if you are constantly posting, chances are your content is not that valuable and you’re going to drive people away because they are seeing you show up on their feed over and over again, with the same ‘ol posts. Plan and schedule your content in advance and avoid posting just for the sake of posting.

???? Ignoring analytics

Why wouldn’t you check these? They are literally telling you what your audience likes and does not like. Check your analytics at least once a month and use them to help plan your content accordingly.