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It’s more than social media. Solidify your online presence with Creative Gravity®!

Organic Growth. Consistent Results. Increased Visibility.

It’s more than just a post. Social media is a powerful tool.
There’s over 4.4 billion* people actively using social media Platforms. Your brand has the potential to uplevel in ways you can’t imagine. But first, you need a digital strategy that converts. Excited to learn more? Connect with us!

for women, bipoc & lgbtqia+ owned businesses



We provide you with expert guidance to run your social media like a pro.


Do It Yourself

We'll work with you to create and amplify your content.


Done With You

We take everything off of your plate from content creation to posting.


Done For You

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Let’s get real… Your social media page needs an upgrade.

You’re here because your brand is dope… Profile page- Not so much.  
Creative Gravity® is built on creating real connections with real followers. The impact of a consistent, creatively flowing social media platform can be life changing for your brand. You landed here because: 

Your instagram SEO is not actually working.. (not sure what SEO is? We can set that up for you!) 

That whole social media “algorithm” thing makes no sense.

You’re a successful entrepreneur ready to invest in a team of creatives that can make your profile page POP! 

You’re a talented brand owner looking to build a social media presence that’s just as dope as you are!

You’re the creative who creates for everyone else… but has trouble developing their own content (we totally get it).

You’re part of a team …. Looking to collaborate with a new team… We’re the perfect team for that!

You got the business part down pat. So, you could attempt to (unsuccessfully) keep posting OR you could bring sanity back into your life, and schedule a no-obligation consultation with Devin

let's collab!

Over 85 clients saw a boost in social media engagement after collaborating with us on content and execution! We’ll support you 100% when it comes to elevating your digital brand strategy. 


i know how important social media is, but i just don't have time to focus on it and run my business at the same time.

I can't believe the growth!

I love having Creative Gravity® manage my social media so that I can focus on other parts of my business. It takes a huge weight off my shoulders and I know my business is still growing without having to micromanage everything.

A force to be reckoned with…

Our client reviews are just as good as their social media insights: 

erin perkins - mabely q

as a deaf-blind accessibility educator, i wasn't even sure i could have someone else create my content .

The best decision I ever made!

I love having Devin & Creative Gravity create content. She understands me and really is able to execute my voice so impressively. So much so, that sometimes I'm like wait did I write that?! It's the best! 

kala maxym - five senses tastings

devin really took the social media weight off of my shoulders so that i could do what i truly enjoy.

Devin is the best!

Working with Devin was great! She had the ability to quickly understand my messaging and come up with engaging content for my social media channels. She was very responsive and also happy to schedule calls whenever it was needed to further clarify what we were working on! She's a pleasure to work with!


Meet Devin. MBA. Entrepreneur. Educator. Strategist. Marketer. Your New Social Media Manager.

You know the feeling you get when you post the perfect image at the perfect time, and the shares, the likes and comments just keep increasing… I love that feeling too! If you haven't experienced that yet, you came to the right place! 

Actually, yes. Social media is that serious. 

The social media game is constantly changing. Our team is here to be your constant. We’ll give you consistent posting, captivating captions and organic growth. 

Collaborating with the team at Creative Gravity can help you establish a cohesive presence across multiple platforms. We’d love to do this for you:  

  • Higher brand visibility
  • A strong, cohesive brand voice
  • Increased website traffic & conversions
  • Genuine relationships with your followers
  • Consistent results
  • Organic growth 
  • Scroll-stopping content 
  • Lead Generations  

Choose the service that works for you: 

Full Social Media Management (Our top seller)
Content Creation that will help you consistently show up on Social Media 
Learn more about Individual training and Coaching 
An exclusive content and strategy day with Devin 

We get it. The thought of posting, marketing, and engaging with your audience is weighing you down. Our team will properly monitor, filter, measure and execute a strategic social media plan that works for your brand. 

Let’s elevate your social media presence!

done for you-

done with you-

do it yourself-

vip content day-


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