Social Media

Social media has transformed the way we connect, communicate, and consume information. It’s a powerful tool that has the potential to include or exclude, depending on how it’s designed and utilized. In the context of accessibility, the conversation around social media accessibility becomes even more critical.  Hey, I’m Erin, the founder of Mabely Q. As […]

May 20, 2024

I hope you in your “let’s get to this money 💵 ” era, ’cause we’re about to level the hell up on LinkedIn! With this platform getting bigger by the minute and becoming a major player in the B2B game, now’s our shot to shine brighter than ever. Let’s not just show up; let’s show […]

May 11, 2024

Let’s Build This Together! Unleashing Creativity and Collaboration in Your Online Community Hey, y’all! Are you ready to transform your online spaces into vibrant communities buzzing with creativity and collaboration? In today’s digital world, building an engaged and loyal audience is more than just throwing content at the wall and seeing what sticks. It’s about […]

April 25, 2024

As we step into the vibrant vibes of spring, it’s the perfect time for us to channel all this renewal energy into something we often overlook – our social media strategies. Just like our homes deserve a thorough spring cleaning (yes, don’t be nasty lol), so do our digital spaces. This isn’t just about tidying […]

April 12, 2024

Are you feeling a bit swamped trying to keep your business’s social media game on point? I get it! Balancing the tasks of growing your business while trying to stay active on social media can be like trying to sip your favorite smoothie while running a 5K – a messy affair, to say the least. […]

March 28, 2024

As a black woman, authenticity, marginalized communities, and representation aren’t just trendy terms to me – they are the cornerstone of everything I do. In today’s world, where diversity and inclusion are rightly in the spotlight, it’s imperative for brands to not only talk the talk or walk the walk but to STAND ON BUSINESS! […]

February 21, 2024
Inclusivity in Stock Photos

When you hear someone talk about the idea of collaborating with other businesses in social media, it might seem like an additional task on an already full plate – especially if social media feels like a difficult full-time job for you. However, I firmly believe that collaboration is not just a strategic move but a […]

February 6, 2024
the power of collaboration in social media

In today’s world, an online presence isn’t just used for the occasional social connection anymore. Between social media being used as an integral piece of connection for many to businesses using it to increase sales and grow their brand , it’s no secret that our lives are increasingly wrapped up in the online space. Social […]

January 23, 2024
Digital Detox: Balancing Your Online Presence and Your Mental Health

When it comes to social media, it’s not just about showing up. Sure, showing up is an important piece of the puzzle (and you hear me talk about it often). But social media is simply just media without meaningful engagement. If you’re only showing up on your page with content and never actually engaging with […]

January 10, 2024
Maximizing Engagement: How to Truly Connect with Your Audience

2024 is just around the corner, and the dynamic world of social media continues to change. What worked last year for your social media marketing may not work in the coming year. This presents both new opportunities and challenges for businesses, social media managers, and content creators. With the social media world shifting, it’s important […]

December 14, 2023
Social media trends in 2024: navigating the change to come