Pitching Services Vs. Providing Value

Business Tips • August 3, 2021

There is definitely a balancing act when it comes to creating valuable content for your audience and directly pitching your products and services. While we all want to make money as business owners, you also should want to connect with your audience, build trust and establish authority. You should never let pitching your products and services, outweigh the value that you are providing to your audience. I’ve had many people ask me “Why would people hire me or buy from me if I am sharing all of my secrets on social media?” Here are a few reasons why:

You’re answering common questions

You want to stand out from your competition by dropping some of those gems and showing you really know your stuff and take pride in your business. But you don’t have to give everything away! Share just enough to solve common issues or challenges among your audience and direct them to resources they can pay to learn more.

You’re establishing yourself as an expert

People want to do business with the people who seem to know what they are talking about. If you’re just pitching, pitching, pitching, you’re not letting your audience know why they should hire you other than because you said so. Let them know that you have experience with what you are selling and they’ll be more likely to purchase what you’re offering.

Folks don’t have the time to do what you offer

.You’ve let your audience know what they need to do and why, but guess what. They probably don’t have the time or might not even want to do it themselves! When it comes time to look for someone who can do what they need, they’ll be more likely to turn to a business that’s educated them and made them feel like they know what to do.

You’re more likely to reach a bigger audience

When you share content your audience finds useful and valuable, they are more likely to pass it along to their own audiences, bringing more folks back to you! Providing value in your content can help grow your audience organically.

My personal rule of thumb is to OVERSHARE valuable content. I can guarantee you that your audience does not want to be inundated with pitches and product sales. Try the 80/20 Rule: Just 20% of your content should be selling.