4 Ways to Build Trust & Authority with Your Audience

Business Tips, Instagram • June 29, 2021

Are you wondering what type of content you should create? Social media marketing entails building TRUST and AUTHORITY with your audience. If you want people to do business with you, they need to like and trust you, right? So how do you incorporate that into your own content? Start with building your content around these four pillars:

✅ Educate ✏️

You should ALWAYS provide your audience with valuable content. Share your knowledge, give tips, problem solve and develop “how to’s”. Carousel posts (like this one) are great tools for educating, as well as videos, infographics, and blog posts where you can go into more detail.

✅ Engage ????????

You want to build relationships with your audience. Get to know them and allow them to get to know you better. You are more than pretty pictures on social media. Identify who your ideal client is, what they want and why they want it. Join in on important conversations. Be proactive with your responses (to show your authority) and share industry knowledge and offer your insight. Connect in the DM’s and go live for more interactive content. Don’t forget to use a Call-To-Action on each post!

✅ Entertain ????️

Social media is not all work and no play. I personally prefer to do business with people that I feel I can relate to, or seem down-to-earth. You want to be approachable. Show your personality, and make your audience laugh. Share your mistakes (we are all human), bloopers, GIF’s and other things you come across that made YOU laugh.

✅ Encourage ????????

First, encourage your audience to take action by using a call-to-action. This is worth mentioning again because CTA’s are so important. Second, encourage user-generated content. Invite your followers to share photos, videos, and testimonials of your products and services. Potential clients want to see REAL people using products and services before they invest. This will give your brand twice as much exposure.

Do you use these pillars when developing your content? If not, do you plan to?