A Daily Checklist for Instagram Growth

Instagram • May 11, 2021

Truth Moment: Organic Growth is NOT EASY! Organic growth takes time. Organic growth takes consistency. But when it comes to building engagement that converts to sales, organic growth wins every time. By growing your account organically, you pinpoint ideal followers and clients that have similar interests, values, and goals. These are the type of followers that will convert to sales. Remember – a high number of followers does not equal quality followers! Not sure how to jump-start your organic growth? Here’s a Daily Checklist for Instagram Growth that is the perfect guide to help achieve organic growth.

???? Respond to all comments on your posts
???? Respond to all DM’s (and check your requests too!)
???? Engage with hashtags related to your ideal client
???? Reply to at least 5 of your followers stories
???? Show up in your stories or in your feed
???? Use at least one engagement sticker in your stories
???? Leave a high-value comment on 5 of your competitors posts
???? Find 2-5 new people to connect with
???? Monitor your mentions and tags
???? Like and comment on at least 10-15 posts relevant to your niche

While your numbers may not rise as quickly as those who chose to automate, I am positive you’ll have a higher likelihood of converting your followers to paying clients. Seems like a lot? Set a timer for 10-15 minutes to go over the checklist and get it all done at once or consider hiring a social media manager that can do it all for you!