How Social Media and Email Marketing Work Together for Your Business

Business Tips, Social Media • October 20, 2022

Social media is a large part of any small business’ marketing strategy. A vital piece to your marketing dream team that is often overlooked, though, is email marketing.

How Social media and Email Marketing Work together for your business

58% of people say they check their email first thing in the morning, while only 14% are checking social media first. Not only that, but 59% of B2C companies say marketing emails influence what people spend their money on, and a similar percentage of B2B companies note that email is their top marketing channel for generating revenue.

While it’s clear statistically that both social media and email marketing are vital to your strategy, let’s look at why else your overall marketing strategy needs to include an email list.

Email marketing allows you to build more intimate relationships with your audience

Using an email list allows you to share more of your brand however you see fit. It gives you a space to share more targeted content, and helps you get more personal with your audience, as opposed to social media. Sharing more VIP content through your email lists also helps your audience feel a more unique relationship with you, building trust with your brand.

Your warm leads are on your email list

Since people have to opt-in to your email list, those who are receiving your emails are most likely warm leads. Using lead magnets to grow your email list also ensures those who are on your list are warm. Warm leads are more likely to convert to clients and are more engaged with your message.

You don’t have to question who sees your content with email marketing

When using social media, you’re trying to take into consideration the algorithm and how to get the most people to see your content. While you can’t guarantee people will open your emails, you do know exactly whose inbox they’re ending up in. You also have opportunity in email marketing to follow up on cold leads.

So how can you use your social media to build your email list? By creating a community within your niche on your social media and directing them to your website and email list. This will not only grow your list, but grow them with qualified leads. Building lead magnets and marketing them on your socials can help you do just that. Learn more about lead magnets and some ideas on where to start here on my Instagram.

Are you wanting to start a social media and email marketing dream team, but don’t have an email list? Check out my latest post to learn how to start building an email list, and you’ll find your first step is to pick an email platform.

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