How Understanding Social Media Insights Can Grow Your Business

Instagram, Social Media • November 9, 2022

I’m sure you’ve heard about insights before, you’ve probably even taken a look at yours! But do you know how to use those insights to grow your business?

How insights can grow your business

Insights are a data-driven way for you to understand your content’s performance, as well as trends amongst your followers. This knowledge helps you not only to create better content, but also market your business and product more effectively.  But just how does using insights help you do this?

Here are 3 ways your insights can help you grow your business and why you should start using them ASAP.

Insights will tell you what’s working for you right now, and what isn’t hitting the mark.

Your insights will show you what content and parts of your strategy have worked for you and what has flopped. Using this knowledge helps you include more of what’s working in your future strategy and leaving out what’s not – leading to a more effective strategy that will help grow your audience and business.

You can focus on creating content that you know your audience wants and needs

Gone are the days of creating random content and throwing it out there, seeing if it sticks. Your insights will show you what content your audience really loved and what they could do without. Using this when creating future content allows you to create more of those things your audience wants and needs, and less of what they don’t.

Your social media strategy gains a more effective road map

Instead of trying random things and getting random results, you can use the data from your insights to drive a much more focused strategy. Not only does your content becomes more focused, but so do all other pieces of your strategy – how you engage with followers, find accounts in your target audience, and market your brand can now be done with purpose.

While it may be clear using your insights can help you grow your business, what may not be as clear is how to actually interpret all those numbers and effectively use them. I got you covered! I hashed out the nitty gritty of what insights are, how to understand them, and how they should drive your social media strategy here in this Understanding Insights freebie.

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