Why Self-Care is Important For Your Business

Business Tips • October 6, 2022

I think we can all agree that entrepreneurs are some of the hardest-working people in the world. I think we can also agree that entrepreneurs are some of the worst at taking time for self-care, even though they know self-care is important for their business.

Why is this? 

Entrepreneurship can be challenging. Your plate is always full, there’s always more to be done, and the weight of it all seemingly falls on your shoulders. With everything on your plate, it’s easy to ignore your own needs. In the business of all that needs to get done, you say, “I’ll get to my own stuff later.” Later never seems to come through, and instead, you find yourself stressed and overwhelmed. 

The cost of ignoring your own needs as a business owner is costly in the long run, though. Not meeting your own needs not only leaves you struggling at the moment but really builds up in the long run. Burnout will come quicker, stress will build faster, and soon you’ll find yourself extremely overwhelmed.

Its clear that self-care is vital to not only your own health but the health of your business. Even small acts of self-care build up over time and set you up to better handle all of the stresses being a business owner throws your way. Here are a few ways you can practice your own self-care.

  • Meditation
  • Connecting with friends and family
  • Journaling
  • Setting up a stress-free work area
  • Eating well
  • Taking part in hobbies
  • Getting quality sleep
  • Exercise
  • Treat yourself – whether traveling, shopping, a massage, etc.

Currently, I am in Jamaica doing just that – taking time for self-care. I love this business, and I put so much time, effort, and energy into it. I know that putting time and energy into my own self-care is important for the health of my business, too. My goal is to rest, reset, and come back energized and ready to get back to work. For now, though, this is what my self-care looks like:

Blue sky, palm trees and pool
Blue sky, ocean, and beach
Champagne glass on table

Cheers to you all! Reach out here if needed and I’ll get back to you upon my return. In the meantime, check out Creative Gravity on Instagram, or check out my other blog posts.