Goals To Authentically Build Your Social Media Presence

Business Tips, Social Media • June 4, 2024

As you know, here at Creative Gravity, our mission is to empower you to take your social media presence to new heights while staying authentic to YOU (your brand voice)! As a seasoned Social Media Strategist, I have seen it all with business owners trying to improve their socials, and I found one thing to be in common among them…..can you guess what that is?

A lack of clear goals! When business owners come to me for support, I am always ready, but when YOU don’t have clear goals, it makes it nearly impossible for me to strategize and help you grow! I need to know what your goals are to create content to help you accomplish them. Without this very important information, I won’t have direction or a destination to where you want your account to go or any way to measure your success.

Today I’m sharing a few goals for you to think about and really sit with before connecting with a social media manager or strategist. They will help me (hopefully 😀)be able to hit the ground running to help build your social media strategy and presence authentically and successfully! 

Define your brand

Yes Yes Yes! Make sure you know your WHY because it will keep you to keep going on your hardest days. Make sure you have a clear understanding of your brand’s mission and vision. 

Identify your audience

Who are you talking to?! If we do not know who your audience is, it is damn near impossible to create content, let alone a solid strategy. And to be frank, it will be impossible for you to scale because I know you are not talking to everyone! 🗣️(Blog: What You Should Know About Your Target Audience)

Determine your objectives

What do you want to achieve through growing your social media? Do you want to increase sales (DUH 🤑), more brand awareness, or increase your followers? Decide what this is for YOU and also….write it down! I truly believe that writing things out on paper and SEEING 👀 it can push you to make it HAPPEN (I got f***in sticky notes every damn where)! Keep in mind your objectives may shift month to month, quarterly, etc. 

These simple goals (trust there are so many more) can really give your social media manager or strategist, ME 🤣, a great foundation to start with so we can build a thriving social media presence that truly represents YOU! 

If you have everything in place, including your goals figured out, then why are you not on my calendar? (Blog: Essential Steps to Prepare Your Business For a Social Media Manager)

BOOK A CALL with me and let’s chat about breathing life back into not only your social media but your brand. 🫶🏽