Essential Steps to Prepare Your Business for a Social Media Manager: A Complete Guide for Success

Business Tips, Social Media • March 28, 2024

Are you feeling a bit swamped trying to keep your business’s social media game on point? I get it! Balancing the tasks of growing your business while trying to stay active on social media can be like trying to sip your favorite smoothie while running a 5K – a messy affair, to say the least. But, before you rush into hiring a social media manager to take the load off, let’s chat about getting your s*** in order FIRST. Trust me, doing this groundwork will not only make the transition smoother but also ensure that your social media presence truly resonates with your brand voice.

The Blueprint: Laying Down the Foundation

Before you pass the baton to your new Social Media Manager (me 😉), make sure you’ve got a solid foundation. Imagine building a house without a blueprint; where would you even start? The same goes for your social media strategy.

Branding: Your Business’s Signature Look

Your branding is like your business’s signature look – it’s the first thing people notice and the last thing they remember. Ensure you have a cohesive brand identity, including your logo, color palette, fonts, and any recurring themes that scream ‘YOU.’ This will be the North Star for your social media manager, guiding every post, story, and reel.

Website: Your Digital Storefront

Your website is your digital storefront; it’s where all the magic happens. Before outsourcing, ensure your website reflects your current offerings, brand voice, and aesthetic. A social media manager can drive traffic to your site, but if it’s not aligned with your brand, it’s like inviting guests into a house you haven’t cleaned yet 🤢– not the best impression. And if you don’t have a website at all…you have a lot of work to do.

Clear Business Goals: The Destination

Knowing your destination is crucial before you start any journey. What are you hoping to achieve with your social media presence? Increased brand awareness, more sales, or establishing yourself as a thought leader? Your goals will dictate the strategy your social media manager will employ, so clarity here is key.

The Voice: Echoing Your Brand’s Heart

Brand Voice: Your Unique Melody

Every brand has its own melody—a unique tone and way of communicating. Your social media manager must echo this voice whether you’re the friendly neighbor or the around-the-way girl. This consistency is what builds trust and loyalty with your audience. Documenting your brand’s voice and providing examples can help your social media manager hit the right notes from the get-go!

The Vision: Seeing Eye to Eye

Visual Aesthetic: Your Brand’s Lookbook

Social media is a visual feast, and your content needs to be dressed for the occasion. Having a clear visual aesthetic – think types of images, filters, and overall vibe – will ensure your social media feeds look cohesive and on-brand. A style guide can serve as a lookbook for your social media manager, ensuring every post fits perfectly in your brand’s visual narrative.

In Sync: Moving Together

Outsourcing your social media management is not about passing off a task; it’s about finding a partner who moves in sync with your brand. By ensuring these elements are in place, you’re not just handing over the keys; you’re setting the stage for a bomb-ass partnership that amplifies your brand’s voice in the social media world.

So, before you make the leap, take a moment to ensure you’re ready. It’s about laying the groundwork for success and ensuring your social media presence is a true reflection of your brand! I have a treat for you to assist you in making sure those plans are solid. My checklist, “Alignment Before Assignment: Laying the Groundwork for Your New Social Media Manager,” gives you a full list of the essential elements you need to have in place to maximize working with a social media manager.

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  • 2 hours of audience engagement per week
  • Up to 4 Posts a week. Each post includes Graphics, Copywriting (captions), Call to Action, and Hashtags
  • Daily IG/FB Stories 
  • Reels (including video editing)
  • Community management (response to DMs, comments, etc.)
  • Linktree/Outbound link management 
  • Publishing content to account at optimal times
  • Trend Monitoring
  • Monthly Reporting, accompanied by Loom video overviews
  • Dedicated Trello Workspace

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