Why You Don’t Need to Show Up on All Platforms

Business Tips, Social Media • September 7, 2022

I often get asked, “Which social media platforms should I be showing up on?” With so many different platforms these days, I get it. I understand the confusion of trying to determine which ones you should utilize for your business.

People often find it necessary to show up in all of the spaces. Can I tell you something, though? This is an easy way to set yourself up to fail.

Trying to be consistent in posting valuable content in so many different places is a high bar to set. One of two things will happen. You may be posting consistently, but posting content that isn’t valuable to your audience. On the other hand, you may be posting valuable content, but dropping the ball on one or more of the platforms. 

The rule of thumb I go by is to master 2-3 platforms. Focus on learning the ins and outs of those platforms and how you can strategically show up there.

Getting the Most out of Your Socials

Now that we know we don’t need to show up everywhere, how do we know which platforms to be on? When answering this question, have a clear picture of your target audience and know where they are hanging out at.

Is your audience largely academic, professional, or education-focused? Spend your time on LinkedIn.

Are healthcare, entertainment, tech, or political-focused businesses who you’re looking for? You’ll find them on Twitter.

Smaller businesses and brands should be spending time on Instagram, while people – especially females – in the wedding industry or other creatives will be over on Pinterest.

How to Choose Your Platforms

It’s important to understand each platform and its pros and cons before choosing where you want to show up. Each site has different capabilities, and different content does better in those different arenas. After determining exactly who your target audience is and where they hang out, you’ll be better equipped to choose those 2-3 platforms to concentrate your efforts.

Still, struggling to pinpoint where you should be showing up? Contact us here to see how we can help, or check out Creative Gravity on Instagram or my other blog posts for more tips.