Do I Need a Social Media Audit

Social Media • August 23, 2022

Want the short answer? Yes, you need a Social Media Audit! (But really, you should stick around for the long answer.)

Do I need a social media audit?

First, you may be wondering what a Social Media Audit actually is.

A Social Media Audit is where a social media expert assesses different pieces of your social media and gives a detailed report on how you can improve your socials and expand your brand.

This audit is a great way to really look into what’s working on your platforms currently, and what pieces could help you further optimize your profiles. After implementing our findings into your online presence, you will see the positive impact it can have on both your business’ engagement and growth.

So what exactly are we assessing when completing an audit?

  • Your Bio: How can it be optimized with keywords and niche-related information?
  • Your Content: Is it providing value specific to your target audience? Is it engaging? Is it eye-catching?
  • Engagement: How can you further expand your reach and build more relationships?
  • Hashtags: Are the hashtags you’re using niche-related? You also receive industry-specific hashtags.
  • Strategy: Is your strategy concise and being implemented, and what improvements can be made?
  • Attracting the Right Audience: Are the followers you’re bringing in part of your target audience? How can you find more ideal followers?
  • Best Practices: What can you do to put the audit results into practice? This includes both continuing with what’s already working and what’s not.

Once the report is complete and you’ve reviewed it, we’ll hop on a 30-minute call to really dive into the nitty gritty of what the report shows, answer any questions, and give you guidance on what steps are next.

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