What to do When You’re Experiencing Burnout

Business Tips • April 27, 2021

There comes a time in every business owners life where you hit a wall running at full speed. Whether it’s a creative block, burnout, or just being OVER IT, we’ve all been there. Don’t beat yourself up. Running a business is HARD. Instead of continuing on a path of exhaustion and frustration, try these tips when you’re experiencing burnout.

???? Find a community that embraces and supports your entrepreneurial spirit.

I recently joined District Bliss and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business! There’s nothing like having a community that understands everything it takes to run a business.

???? Learn to delegate.

This is especially hard for most of us. But you have to realize that you can’t do it all. Whether you hire a virtual assistant or a social media manager, it will be an investment in you and your business. Free up someone of your time so that you can focus on your passion.⠀

???? Be mindful of how you start the day.

This will set the foundation for the rest of it. Start by writing a list of your priorities, having a cup of coffee or tea, and just take in the calm of the morning.

???? Take regular breaks.

Throughout the day, and plan them regularly throughout the year. You are human. You need to recharge, and step away. Stepping away can also recharge your creativity. Look at your project with a fresh set of eyes.

???? Set and stick to your “office hours”.

Stop working through the night. Or all day, every day. This will quickly lead to burnout. I have a bad habit of responding to emails no matter when I receive them. When you are off…be off.

???? Switch up your environment.

Go work in another room or outside on the porch. The change of scenery could be the breakthrough you need for a creative block.

???? Meditate.

Meditation is amazing and I swear by it! Anytime I am overwhelmed or lack creativity, I meditate. There are SO many benefits to meditation. Just to name a few: enhances concentration, stress management, increases imagination and creativity, and increases patience and tolerance. You could use all of that as an entrepreneur right?!

???? Lastly, LET IT BE!

Sometimes, you just need to walk away. There are times, I know I am not in the right mindset to complete a project so I close my computer…take a step back, and start over again the next day.

We know that sometimes running a business sucks! Burnout is no joke. Hopefully with these tips, you can get over that wall and keep your business moving forward.