How To Time Your Instagram Posts Better

Instagram • April 6, 2021

There are three types of people on Instagram: people who aren’t using their Insights at all, people who are using their Insights incorrectly, and people who are using their Insights to boost growth and engagement. Which ones are you? You’ve seen tons of advice on the “right” way to time your Instagram posts for your audience. Most of it advocates for posting at the peak of your engagement, or when the most followers are typically online. But there’s a better way to time your Instagram posts.

Your Instagram Insights provide a lot of useful information that can help you create content that speaks to your audience. One of the useful tools is the ability to see when your audience is most active. With this information, you can time your posts better for more reach.

Now again, most people choose to post at the peak of their engagement, or when most of their followers are typically online. Maybe you do this. But take a look at the image above. Most of the time there is usually a significant decline in reach and engagement after you’ve reached that peak.

So here’s the (seriously) mind-blowing tip: Instead of posting at the peak, post at the beginning of that incline. By posting ahead of your peak, your post will have a chance for more visibility as more of your audience get on Instagram.

Not sure where to find this information on your account? Go to your Profile > Insights > Followers. Scroll to the bottom and you will see your followers MOST active times. How do you use your insights? Let us know in the comments below!