Content Ideas for Your October

Social Media • September 27, 2023

October is upon us! Cue the spooky decorations, pumpkins galore, and cooler weather.

As the summer quickly fades behind us and we find ourselves hurtling towards the end of the year, life can get pretty busy. It’s a whirlwind of activity and responsibilities, leaving business owners wondering where content creation fits into the schedule.

In the midst of this busyness, it’s crucial to maintain consistency in your content and ensure its value isn’t compromised. I get challenges of juggling all of the things while striving to keep your content engaging and meaningful – which is why I’m here to help!

Are you on the hunt for some creative sparks to illuminate your social media calendar? Perhaps you’ve looked at Meta Business Suite or turned to Facebook polls while trying to decipher how best to connect with your target audience. No matter what your business is or the narrative you’re looking for, there’s a holiday (or many!) that can strike a chord with your specific audience.

These social media awareness days and holidays encompass a wide spectrum of topics and niches, ranging from advocating for environmental causes and promoting social justice to emphasizing health, wellness, and those simple, enjoyable things in life (hello National Pizza Month?).

Here are a few social media holidays and awareness days to consider creating content around for the coming month:⁠

October 2023 Monthly Holidays

AIDS Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Down syndrome Awareness Month

LGBTQ+ History Month

National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Sunday, October 1

International Coffee Day

International Music Day

National Poetry Day

World Vegetarian Day

Monday, October 2

National Consignment Day

World Architecture Day

National Curry Week

Tuesday, October 3

Mean Girls Day

National Techies Day

National Boyfriend Day

Wednesday, October 4

International Walk to School Day

Kindness to Animals Day

National Taco Day

Thursday, October 5

National Be Nice Day

World Meningitis Day

World Teachers’ Day

Friday, October 6

Inbox Zero Day

National Noodle Day

World Smile Day

Saturday, October 7

National Frappe Day

National LED Light Day

World Card Making Day

Sunday, October 8

National Heroes’ Day

National Salmon Day

World Dyslexia Day

Monday, October 9

Indigenous Peoples’ Day

International Beer and Pizza Day

National Online Bank Day

Tuesday, October 10

National Cake Decorating Day

National Handbag Day

World Inclusion Day

World Mental Health Day

Wednesday, October 11

National Coming Out Day

National Spread Joy Day

National Stop Bullying Day

Thursday, October 12

Harry Potter Book Day

Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity

World Sight Day

National Savings Day

Friday, October 13

National M&M Day

World Egg Day

Vet Nurse Day

Saturday, October 14

Bookshop Day

National Dessert Day

National I Love You Day

National Baking Week

Sunday, October 15

Global Hand-washing Day

National Aesthetician Day

National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

World Students’ Day

Monday, October 16

National Boss’s Day

World Allergy Awareness Day

World Food Day

National Adoption Week

National Parenting Week

Tuesday, October 17

Black Poetry Day

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

World Trauma Day

Wednesday, October 18

Day of Unity

World Menopause Day

National No Beard Day

Thursday, October 19

National New Friends Day

World Humanitarian Action Day

Conflict Resolution Day

Friday, October 20

International Chefs Day

National Day on Writing

National Mammography Day

World Statistics Day

Saturday, October 21

Back to the Future Day

Ethnicity Day

International Sloth Day

National Reptile Day

Sunday, October 22

International Stuttering Awareness Day

National Color Day

National Nut Day

Monday, October 23

National Croc Day

National iPod Day

National Mole Day

Tuesday, October 24

National Food Day

National Kangaroo Awareness Day

Wednesday, October 25

International Artist Day

Lung Health Day

World Pasta Day

Thursday, October 26

National Mule Day

National Pumpkin Day

Friday, October 27

Bandana Day

Global Champagne Day

National Mentoring Day

Grandparents Week

Saturday, October 28

International Animation Day

Make a Difference Day

National Chocolate Day

National Immigrants Day

Sunday, October 29

National Internet Day

National Cat Day

World Stroke Day

Monday, October 30

National Candy Corn Day

National Checklist Day

National Publicist Day

Tuesday, October 31


National Doorbell Day

World Savings Day

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