Attack of the Bots: Unmasking Fake Instagram Accounts

Instagram • September 21, 2023

Social media platforms, specifically platforms like Instagram, have become a breeding ground for impersonation. Fake accounts, often created by scammers and bots, continue to multiply despite Instagram’s efforts to eliminate them. It’s essential for users of these social media platforms to discern between genuine and fake accounts to maintain a safe and authentic online experience. Having a large amount of fake accounts associated with your account not only can affect your credibility, but it can also harm your engagement rates as they do not interact with your account or content. Here, I’ll walk you through how you can spot a fake Instagram account, and how you can effectively block and delete them.

5 Ways to Tell if an Instagram Account Is Fake

#1: Following A Lot of Accounts

Fake Instagram accounts often employ the outdated #FollowForFollow method to gain followers. If you come across an account with a disproportionate following and follower count, be cautious.

#2: A Bio That Just Doesn’t Seem Right

A common quality of bot Instagram accounts is to copy a genuine bio with minor changes. Keep an eye out for added characters or discrepancies in the username. Additionally, excessive use of emojis, hashtags, or poorly constructed sentences may indicate a fake account.

#3: Random Comments on Posts

If an account consistently leaves unrelated or oddly formatted comments on your posts, like “Promote this on _____” or “DM us for an opportunity”, it’s likely a fake account. Fake profiles tend to have a pattern of irrelevant engagement or overly promotional content in comments.

#4: Spammy DMs

Bot accounts often initiate contact through direct messages, posing as reputable brands or individuals. They may lure users with offers, crypto schemes, or bogus product promotions. Be cautious of accounts that flood your inbox with generic or suspicious, overly vague messages.

#5: Offers Money or Promotes a Product/Service

Beware of accounts promising quick money-making opportunities or free products. Fake accounts use enticing offers to bait users into revealing personal information or, worse, falling victim to scams.

How to Delete/Block a The Bots

Now that you can identify the bots inundating your account, it’s crucial to keep your profile safe from potential harm. Here are two effective methods to block and report fake Instagram accounts:

#1: Block and Report Them via Their Profile

  • Click on the fake account’s profile.
  • Tap the three dots in the top right corner and select “Block.”
  • Choose whether to block the account or block and report other accounts they may create.

#2: Block and Report Them via DMs

  • Access the Requests tab in your Inbox.
  • Click on the message from the fake account.
  • Tap “Block” and select “Block account.”

By quickly identifying and blocking fake Instagram accounts, you can secure your online presence and enjoy a more authentic social media experience. Don’t forget to stay vigilant and report suspicious activity to help keep the Instagram community safe and genuine!

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