Preparing for Holiday Success with Email Marketing

Email Marketing • October 11, 2023

The summer heat may be just behind us, and the thoughts of you lounging by the pool, sipping cool drinks, and enjoying the summer may still be alive and well. For marketers, however, it’s already time to start thinking about the holiday season. Planning ahead is crucial to ensuring your holiday campaigns find success during the chaos of the holidays. When it comes to planning, taking advantage of email marketing and beginning to grow your email list is a wonderful way to prepare. So, in the spirit of the approaching festivities, let’s dive into holiday email marketing – exploring how you can leverage this marketing tool to make your holiday season successful.

There are obviously many ways to market for the holidays. Sure, you could post about a Christmas sale on Facebook in October, but chances are, it won’t make the impact you’re hoping for. That’s where holiday email marketing comes in. It’s a powerful tool for building lasting relationships with your audience and driving sales and conversions. The numbers speak for themselves: email marketing has a conversion rate of 6.05%. And if that isn’t impressive enough, the return on investment for email marketing is usually impressive.

Getting Started: Growing Your Email List for the Holidays

1. Build and Organize Your Email Lists

The foundation of any successful email marketing campaign is a well-organized email list. The first step is to ensure your list is up to date and continually growing. Don’t slow down your list-building efforts—instead, ramp them up. Evaluate your current strategy when it comes to growing your email list, refresh your content, and conduct a social media audit to make sure you’re attracting the right contacts.

2. Create Content Driving People to Your List

Make sure you’re utilizing social media content to drive people to join your email list. Whether you’re giving sneak peeks at holiday deals available only to those on your email list or incentivizing joining to receive other exclusive content, direct people to join your list. Getting people on your list now will help to ensure they’re receiving the bulk of your holiday marketing campaign emails in the months to come.

3. Reengage Your Subscribers

Once your list is growing and organized, identify subscribers who haven’t engaged recently. Develop a reengagement campaign to reconnect with them. Share exciting new features they might be missing out on, send friendly “we miss you” messages with discounts or deals, or add a touch of humor with a meme or joke. Offer an easy opt-out option, ensuring only genuinely interested subscribers stay on your list.

Remember, losing a subscriber might sting, but it’s better to have an engaged and interested audience. Quality always trumps quantity, especially during the competitive holiday season.

As the holiday season approaches, it’s essential to prepare your email marketing strategy now. Building and organizing your email list and reengaging with your subscribers are important steps to ensure a successful holiday campaign. Crafting personalized, targeted messages and offers for your audience will set you apart and maximize the impact of your holiday marketing efforts. So, get started now and make this holiday season your most successful yet!

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