5 Reels You Should Be Making

Instagram • September 23, 2021

If you haven’t figured it out, reels are the latest and greatest over on Instagram. But it can be a serious struggle coming up with what to post! Reels don’t have to be hard. Take 10-15 minutes and scroll through some reels and save your favorite sounds. Record the video before you decide what the content will be and then go back and add in the content to fit into your content pillars. Here are 5 reels you can create if you’re looking for ideas.

Top mistakes people make in your niche

Be informative and help out your followers. Providing value in a reel is a fun way to give your followers useful information. Example – tell people to stop putting hashtags in their comments.

Answer questions asked in your comments

I always get great questions in my comments. Take one of yours and expand on the answer in a reel. Another take on this is to ask the question in the reel itself and have a call to action to lead people to your captions.

Repurpose a carousel post

We put so much thought, time and effort into carousel posts. Use that information in a reel. Work smarter, not harder. There is nothing wrong with repurposing content. If it was good, use it again!

Process of working with you

Outline your process from start to finish. Potential clients may see this and be inspired to get started!

Introduce yourself

The goal is to keep growing on social media, so chances are you have new followers. Re-introduce yourself by sharing 5 facts about you and/or your business.