Using Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Business Tips, Social Media • June 7, 2023

Behind brand exposure, using social media to drive traffic to your website is noted by many as one of the greatest benefits of using social media for your business. There are many reasons social media can be great for bringing followers to your website, and there are many ways to do so. This blog post will teach you how to use social media to drive traffic to your website and convert visitors into customers.

Optimize your social profiles

Your profile is the storefront to your business online – you need to make sure it’s showing off your business appropriately! A good social media profile has the ability to drive traffic to your website if optimized correctly. Ensure your profile picture is a clear headshot, your bios include relevant keywords and target your ideal client, and have a clear call to action with your website linked.

Engage with your audience consistently 

One of the amazing parts of social media is your ability to connect directly with your target audience. You can seek out your ideal client, interact with your followers, and get feedback from your people directly. Consistently engaging with your audience not only keeps you connected, but also can boost traffic coming to your profile and website. This consistent connection with your audience also improves the views of your company, as long as you’re connecting authentically and true to your brand and its values.

Post consistently

Listen – “consistently” will mean something different to every business owner. For some, it may be 2 times a week. Others, it may be daily. Do whatever is doable and attainable for you, just ensure you’re showing up in a way that your followers can depend on and shows that you’re there. It’s important that your posting frequency is something that you can stick to, though. So often, business owners get burnt out on social media quickly because they’re trying to post more than what fits them. Consistency comes when you stay true to what works best for you.

Focus on social media platforms that drive the most web traffic

When you’re looking to increase the traffic on your website coming from your social media profile, choosing the right social media platforms is an important piece of the puzzle. Each platform has different pros and cons, and can be beneficial for different industries. Be sure to research each platform to help determine which is best for your business, industry, and business goals, as this is important when it comes to driving the most traffic to your website.

Add linked to your profile and posts

You should always have your website linked in your profile somehow – whether its a link straight to your website, or it’s listed on a link tree. But you can take this a step further and include links to your website in your content itself to drive traffic to your website. Each platform gives you the opportunity to add a link to your post, but not all in the same ways. For example, on Instagram you can use link stickers in your stories and, while you can’t put a clickable link in the captions of posts, you can post the link for your audience to copy and paste, or encourage them to visit the link in your bio. On Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you can add links directly to the caption or post itself. 

Use strong call to actions

A call to action is simply asking your followers to do something – whether that’s sharing your post with a friend, leaving a note in the comment section, or saving a post for later. One strong call to action that can drive traffic from your profile to your website is by asking followers to “click the link in your bio” or “visit your website for more information”. These call to actions tell your followers there’s more to learn or see if they visit your website, and will begin to bring your audience from your social media post over to your website.

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