The Power of User-Generated Content

Social Media • May 9, 2023

If you’ve spent any time on social media, you’ve definitely seen influencers, celebrities, and even every day consumers endorsing or backing a product by sharing how much they love and use that product. This type of content, called user-generated content, has become the backbone to many brands marketing strategy – and for good reason. In this blog, I’ll dive into the power of user-generated content – sharing why you should be utilizing it in your business and ways you can start implementing it today.

What is user-generated content?

User-generated content (otherwise known as UGC) is original content that is created by users instead of the actual brand or company. These users can be anyone from your audience, customers, influencers, or supporters. The content can come in many forms, including photos, reels, audios, videos, blogs, testimonials, and so much more.

How can UGC help my social media strategy?

UGC has many benefits when it comes to your social media strategy. Utilizing user-generated content can help your brand and marketing in so many ways, some of which include…

Increased authenticity

Authenticity is a vital part of building trust and connecting on a deeper level with your audience. With so many brands online fighting for the attention of consumers, authenticity and being real goes a long ways in bringing customers and clients in. User-generated content is one of the most authentic types of content you can utilize, as long as you’re using genuine users who like and use your product or service. Customers want to see other people using the product you’re selling – UGC has essentially become the modern-day word of mouth.

Establishes brand loyalty

Because user-generated content gives consumers an opportunity to participate in the growth of a brand or business, they are more likely to be loyal to the brand. Having the chance to create content that is part of something bigger in a business keeps these consumers tied to the company.

Acts as a trust signal

Anymore, the trust in mass media and marketers is low from consumers. Because of this, consumers are quick to put a great deal of trust put into people that are just like them – creating a huge space for user-generated content. Potential customers or clients see another person’s review on the product or service the same way they’d view an opinion from a friend or family, and often will base their decision to purchase on if they see other real people using (and liking) the product, as they trust that opinions.

Increase conversions

User-generated content acts as proof to the potential client that your product does what you say it does and that it’s worth buying. Because of this, using UGC while trying to convert your audience into customers can be really valuable.

Adaptable and flexible

Because UGC is essentially your customers showing off your product or service, one piece of content can be adapted to fit many different channels and content types. For example, if a customer sends in a photo of them using your product, you have the ability to include this on social media pages, your website, email marketing campaigns, and ads.

Some user-generated content ideas

So maybe you’re on board for using user-generated content, but don’t know where to start? Here are a few ideas of how you can start utilizing UGC in your marketing strategy:

  • Encourage users to tag your account on posts/stories
  • Create a brand hashtag for customers to easily use
  • Share reviews and testimonials
  • Utilize related industry influencers
  • Create a challenge or contest for people to create posts/content for
  • For product-based businesses – have customers do unboxing

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