5 Tips for Creating Content That Resonates With Your Audience

Social Media • April 26, 2023

Social media users are flooded with content every single day. This means that creating content that stands out and resonates with your audience is no easy task. However, doing so will take your content marketing to the next level. When your audience resonates with your content, they will begin sharing it with their friends, spreading the word about your business.

Creating posts that truly resonate with your audience is often something overlooked when creating a digital marketing strategy. Sure, we all hope our audience agrees with and can relate to what we’re putting out there, but it isn’t usually our point of focus. But it’s incredibly important – and it can be difficult to do.

Here are 5 tips for creating content that resonates with your audience…

Know your audience

This seems like an obvious one, but many businesses fail to truly understand their audience. Once you know your audience better, creating content that resonates with that person becomes far easier. To get to know your people better, make sure you’ve thought about your ideal client to understand exactly who you’re trying to sell to. Look at details like their age, gender, location, pain points, and background.

By getting a full view of your target audience, you’ll grasp the biggest needs and begin to see how you can market yourself and your product to meet those needs. This market research will also allow you to understand what moves your client to buy, and how you can tap into that.

Connect on a human level

Don’t be a robot! Make sure your content is creating an emotional connection with your follower. This will make your content memorable and cause your audience to want to do more with it – whether sharing, saving, or following through with a sale.

Some ways you can create content that connects with your audience includes pairing your message with an emotion, telling a story (with emotion included), or talking about how your product or service helped a client to overcome a big barrier.

Visuals are important

While the message you’re sharing is vital, you can’t neglect the visuals of your content. With the attention span of social media users getting shorter and shorter, getting your audience interested in reading more is important. Break up the text with images that highlight key points and make your content stick out. Using quality photos, videos, and aesthetically pleasing infographics can do just that.

Make it shareable 

When creating content that resonates, we’re looking for a response from the audience. Ideally, the reader takes in the content and then wants to share it with others. These people then become your brand ambassadors, simply by sharing! Ensure you have share buttons on and available for users to do just that.

Use your analytics

Your analytics on social media give you a clear view into what of your content your audience has been resonating with, and what they haven’t. Using these numbers will allow you to create more of that kind of content. Look at common pieces of your posts that have performed best. Maybe they all had hints of humor in them. Or maybe it’s you telling stories. Or it could simply be the format type. Whatever it is, try and incorporate more of those pieces into your weekly strategy.

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Creating content that resonates with your audience is an important part of content marketing. Make sure your stuff is connecting with your people by implementing these 5 tips!

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