Social Media Trends in 2024: Navigating the Change to Come

Social Media • December 14, 2023

2024 is just around the corner, and the dynamic world of social media continues to change. What worked last year for your social media marketing may not work in the coming year. This presents both new opportunities and challenges for businesses, social media managers, and content creators. With the social media world shifting, it’s important to stay ahead of the change. Let’s explore the top predicted trends for 2024 so you can prepare your social media strategy for the year to come.

Social Media Trends in 2024: Navigating the Constant Changes

Text-Only Posts Take the Center Stage

In an era dominated by visual content, text-only posts have emerged as the sleeper hit of the coming year. Platforms are recognizing the power of a well-crafted message, and X remains at the top – but not the only. Other platforms, like Threads, have popped up, showcasing the appeal of concise and impactful written content.

Social Platforms as Search Engines

Social media platforms are becoming the go-to search engines for many, overtaking traditional search engines for product recommendations, dining choices, and fashion advice. Instead of going to Google and getting the generic answer to a question, people are using social media to get real recommendations from real humans. Specifically the younger generation is relying on social media’s improved search options, turning to these platforms for quick and personalized information.

Longer Videos are Back

Going against the short-form video trend, longer videos are making a comeback in 2024. Platforms have continued to increase the max video lengths on their sites, signaling they may be rewarding longer videos. With the knowledge that social media users are going to social media, to both answer their questions and kill time, longer, engaging, informative videos are getting ready to ramp up in 2024.

Engagement is Moving to the DMs

The shift from feeds to direct messages (DMs) is underway. Instagram has seen most if it’s growth as of recent in both stories and DMs. As users seek more personal and private interactions, businesses and creators should focus on fostering engagement through direct communication. The DM space becomes a valuable arena for building meaningful connections with the audience.

Shares > Likes, Comments, and Followers

In the social media landscape of 2024, shares are taking center stage. With metrics like comments, likes, and followers, we’re all well aware those can be faked – by bot accounts, buying followers, and people going through and mass liking posts. Shares, however, are much more difficult to fake – making it a great signal of engagement. Businesses and creators should prioritize creating shareable content to enhance reach and impact. And remember – this doesn’t mean likes and comments aren’t still valuable. However, if you are focused on making your content shareable, the likes and comments will still follow.

Grid Posts are Becoming Photo Dumps

The traditional grid post is evolving into the era of photo dumps. Also known as carousels, photo dumps have become the way of sharing posts on the grid. Users are saying goodbye to highly edited single posts on platforms like Instagram, embracing carousels that tell a richer and more authentic story. Businesses and creators should adapt their content strategies to align with this trend.

Authenticity For the Win

Here at Creative Gravity, we’re all about being genuine and authentic. Thankfully, this is the year that authenticity is on the rise. Social media users are making it a priority right now to be more authentic on their profiles. People are being much more real about struggles and difficult topics now than previously. So as a business owner, being as authentic as possible will not only make making content easier, but will benefit you and your business in the coming year.

The Impact of AI

AI has already been a huge factor when it comes to social media in 2023, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. From helping with creating content to creating literal images, AI can help your business in many ways. In fact, if your business hasn’t utilized AI in some capacity into your social media strategy now is the time to start.

As social media trends continue to change, staying informed and adaptable is so important for businesses. Embracing some of these trends in 2024 can help your social media strategy be set up for success in the coming year. If you’re looking for guidance on how to incorporate some of these trends in your social media marketing strategy, reach out and schedule a FREE discovery call to see how Creative Gravity can help. You can also find social media tips and tricks on our Instagram page.