Creative Gravity featured on: Strategy for Creatives Podcast

Business Tips • March 16, 2022

I had a great time talking with Sasha Willis – business strategist, podcaster, and speaker, to talk about the strategies we’ve implemented to grow my business, Creative Gravity Social Media Agency.

These business strategies have impacted my life in a big way. Because of them, I have gone from side-hustle to full-time business owner in a little over two years. I now get to do what I love everyday. I started my business in February 2020, right before the world changed, forever. In that time we grew my business revenue by over 400% and put tools and strategies in place to help me leave my full-time job. I literally started from the bottom, making $200 per client to growing my business to a point that I could walk away from a 6-figure corporate job.⁠

So, if you want to hear more of my success story PLUS some strategy tips on how you can achieve this for your business, click here to listen in. You won’t regret it!

Sasha is truly amazing at what she does and puts forth 1000% effort to help you achieve your goals with minimal stress and absolutely no bullsh*t! Having run her own business for over a decade, Sasha comes to the table with a very unique skill set of business knowledge from a Bachelor’s in Business Management and a Masters Degree in Human Resources. Business growth and strategy are her middle name!

If you want to learn more about Sasha and her business strategy expertise, you can find her at or on Instagram. She also has a dope Facebook group, Strategy for Creatives, that has free monthly training from experts in various fields, co-working, and a ton of other free benefits.

P.S. If you need help with business strategy AND social media, check out our FREE Masterclass, Connecting the Dots: A Beginners Guide to Mind Maps + Social Media Batching. We host it every other month!