Black Business Month – How to Support Black Business Owners

Business Tips • August 10, 2022

Did you know that August is Black Business Month?

This is a time to acknowledge, celebrate and support black-owned businesses around the country (though, really, we should be doing this year-round).

As a black business owner, I’ve personally faced some of the hardships and disparities faced by other black businesses. These barriers are the reason that black businesses only account for 2.4% of the nation’s businesses, while white-owned businesses account for 86.5%.

All that said, here are some of my favorite black-owned businesses:


No Sauce Que

Looking for onsite barbecue, catering, or delivery services? No Sauce Que is what you need!

Snipes Design Agency

Snipes Design Agency creates intricate logos, websites, and branding that has been featured in some pretty major spaces.

Little Black Book

This wedding and event planning business is dedicated to providing clients with memories that last a lifetime.

HOPE Behavioral Health

Providing stellar mental health and supportive services, HOPE Behavioral Health aims to help people evolve and grow.

Around the Way Parchment

Wanting some paper that matters? Around the Way Parchment is providing just that – stationary aimed towards strengthening relationships.

Mess in a Bottle

A t-shirt company with a mission to give voices to the voiceless and evoke change, all while creating a community of authenticity.

Ayva & Avery

Combining plants, culture, and fashion, Ayva and Avery provides accessories and apparel for all the plant parents out there.
Inclusive Randomness

Buttons Inspired by The Culture – does more need to be said?

Peculiar Roots

A clean beauty brand inclusive to everyone, whose goal is to help customers embrace their uniqueness.


Do you want to celebrate Black Business Month both on social media and in-person? First, use the #SupportBlackBusiness hashtag on social media to introduce Black-owned businesses to potential customers and investors. Second, get out there and buy products and services from Black businesses this month to help boost sales and strengthen communities.

Although, your support during the month of August will be helpful and appreciated, let’s not stop there! Here are just a few ways you can support Black-owned businesses year-around:
-Promote Black Owned Businesses
-Partner with Black Owned Business
-Feature Black Owned Businesses or Black Business owners on your social media
-Partner with Black Influencers
-Shop at black-owned businesses or buy from black-owned brands
-Leave reviews for black-owned businesses 

Thank you for your continued support of my black-owned business! As always, if you’re in need of social media services, contact me today for a FREE Discovery Call.