5 Things to Focus on BEFORE Outsourcing Your Social Media

Uncategorized • July 14, 2022

Are you thinking about hiring a social media manager (SMM) for your growing business?

Having a SMM can be an awesome way to free up your time and mental space. It can allow you to focus on the tasks in your business that you enjoy while allowing others to complete the remaining, necessary tasks. Outsourcing, in general, is an important part of having a successful business. It allows you to be productive and also helps you maintain a healthy mental space. This may be a great move for you if you are feeling burnt out and overwhelmed.

Hiring a team member can be an investment, so it’s important to feel confident as you start to take steps towards it. Below, I have listed 5 important business components that you need to check off in order to feel confident and ready to hire a Social Media Manager.


Please invest some of your time and energy in branding prior to outsourcing your social media. Your branding should be consistent across all channels, your website, and other business assets. When a SMM gets to work, they need to have a solid foundation to work with. Having this prepared makes for a smooth transition and clear expectations for both parties involved.


How do you want your brand to come across to people? Professional? Laid-back? Quirky? Inspiring? Fun? This is your brand’s personality and should be consistent across all communications. It’s impossible for someone to be an exact replica of you, but the more cohesive your brand’s voice is, the better your SMM will be able to know what (and how) you are trying to communicate to your audience.


Social media should be used as a vehicle to drive potential customers to your website to further explore your products or services. Don’t rely solely on social media to conduct business. Take some time and research the best platform for your website. Get your domain, branding, and info loaded in so there is a consistent presence online, ready for views and sales.


Don’t miss this one!!!! One of the most important tasks you need to focus on is goals. You need goals to communicate to your SMM. These goals are an important part in developing YOUR strategy. There is no “one strategy fits all“. Each business and individual has specific things that work for them and their audience. These personal strategies are built off of your goals. Having solid goals ensures you (or your SMM) is posting relevant content that is aiding in your business’s growth and success. Without business goals, your posts have no meaning, no strategy and your SMM and audience will be left confused.


In order to work efficiently and effectively together, a SMM needs to know what you and your business need, and your expectations. These should be defined prior to your initial call, to ensure the two of you are a good fit. Ask good questions. Learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses. The more you do this ahead of time, the more you will avoid disappointment, miscommunications, and hardships. Getting to know new people and building relationships with them is an awesome opportunity, find the joy in it!

I hope you have been encouraged by these 5 areas to focus on in your business before taking the step towards outsourcing. Creating a team is such an awesome opportunity and can make for a happy and healthy business owner and a thriving business.

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