The Power of Consistency on Social Media!

Social Media • June 20, 2024

When building a business, we know how powerful social media can be in raising brand awareness. Consistently posting on social media is KEY to building a strong online presence with your audience. 

It can also be very difficult to remain consistent online while managing the day-to-day responsibilities of running a business and normal daily activities. As a social media strategist, you might think I have this consistency thing down to a science, right? Nah, I struggle with this just like anyone else, my friends. 

While trying to juggle being a boy mom, dog mom, wife to a busy entrepreneur hubby, and running my own business….ya girl a** be whipped sometimes! This is where I can become very inconsistent with posting. However, I have acknowledged this and found ways to be more consistent to avoid the negative effects of inconsistency. 

Impact of Inconsistency 

Missed Opportunities: Being inconsistent online means you lose out on the opportunity to connect with your audience and promote your business. If you continue to show up, not only will your audience be able to connect with you, but they’ll also be exposed to the value and services/products that you offer.

Decreased Visibility: The algorithm will TRULY remind us that we’ve been inconsistent. It will push our content to the very bottom of the feed. Consistency will keep your content visible and front of mind.

Benefits of Being Consistent

Build a strong community: Build your online presence and brand awareness as well as genuine connections with your audience. 

Increased Engagement: Regular interaction will keep your audience interested and invested in your brand! 

My Top Tips for Staying Consistent 

Set Realistic Goals: Many people feel like they have to post seven days a week to build their online presence, but that’s not the case. The key word here is “consistency,” remember? Find a schedule that works best for YOU. If that means you can only post three times a week, that’s fine; just remain focused on that goal. 

Scheduling Tools: These have been a life-saver for me! Using tools like Later or Hootsuite allow you to schedule and automate your content. Schedule all your content in advance and it will automatically post it for you! No more panic posting at the last minute. 

Hire a Social Media Manager: Bringing a social media manager onto your team ensures you will have content consistently posted because that’s our JAM! 

Ready to show up more but rather focus on your zone of genius? 

Book your call with Creative Gravity today so we can tell you all the benefits of our Full Social Media Management package! 

Consistency is a powerful tool in building online presence as well as building your business! I know it’s not easy but the benefits absolutely outweigh the challenges. Start with small consistent changes and watch how it truly makes a difference over time.