The Influence of Social Media

Social Media • November 16, 2023

I think it’s clear to us all the influence of social media in the world around us. With an incredible 4.9 billion users around the world currently and an anticipated rise to 5.85 billion by 2027, it’s very obvious the massive role social media plays in our world today. It’s not just about numbers, though – we also see diversity of the platforms people are engaging with. On average, social media users are keeping up a presence on six to seven platforms every month.

When looking at how much time people are spending on social media, we see the average person is spending a whopping 145 minutes per day. This translates to 5.7 years over an average lifespan of 73 years, making it clear that social media is more than a trend—it’s a massive aspect of modern life that will not be disappearing anytime soon (or ever, let’s be real).

So what do all of these stats mean for your business? These statistics underscore the huge potential for your business to connect with your audience – potential and current clients and customers. Understanding and taking advantage of the influence of social media and how to utilize that for your marketing is essential. The reach and potential of an effective social media strategy is clear in the statistics, and as the landscape continues to change, so should how you approach your marketing.

Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing:

So while we see just how important tapping into the influence of social media on today’s world is for your business, the next question may be: how do I begin to do that?

Here are 3 tips to get you started on utilizing social media for your business:

1. Post Relevant and Valuable Content Regularly

You’ve heard it before, but consistency is key. Regularly posting valuable, relevant, and engaging content not only shows your followers that you’re dependable, but also tells the algorithms that your content is worthy of being shown in users’ feeds. Even as platforms change and algorithms are updated, the practice of consistent posting has stayed a key factor in attracting and keeping followers.

2. Leverage the Benefits of Social Media Interaction

When people are on social media, they enjoy engaging with brands. And, you guessed it, this interaction provides so many benefits for businesses. From a larger market reach to boosted brand awareness to cost-efficiency, the pros far outweigh any cons. Responding quickly to follower questions or concerns, asking relevant questions to other accounts, creating specific groups, and having real, genuine conversations with your followers are all effective ways to grow your engagement.

3. Show Your Brand Identity

With so many accounts and users, social media is a sea of content. In this sea, brand identity is the thing that helps people connect with your business. Consistency in your brand identity is key across all channels – including social media. Establishing a brand voice, using similar colors/visuals, and highlighting your unique selling points all add to a cohesive brand identity. Not only does this consistency make content creation easier (hello, branded templates), but it also leads to brand loyalty.

As the social media world continues to grow, business have to adapt their strategies to effectively move with the change. By consistently delivering relevant content, engaging with their audience, and maintaining a strong and consistent brand identity, businesses can leverage the influence of social media to connect with potential clients and customers and stay relevant in an ever-evolving digital world.

If you’re struggling to wrap your head around this changing and growing world of social media, I’d love to help! Reach out to schedule a free discovery call so we can chat about ways your business can grow with these changes. You can also check out Creative Gravity on Instagram for tips on how to utilize social media for you business!