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For the busy entrepreneurs who just want to one and done it, a VIP day with Devin gets you fresh, engaging content with a strategy that works. 

Get weeks of content… in one day.

vip content creation day

Pre-VIP: Let’s get Ready!
  • 1-Hour Content Planning Session- More like a Pre-VIP Day. Together, we’ll lay out realistic brand goals, determine a bomb location and dates to capture your shoot, and collab on some content ideas…
  • You’ll get a customized Trello VIP Day Planning Board complete with all the notes, resources, action items, next steps and content ideas you need to make your VIP perfect. 

Your Content VIP Day: Lights, Camera, Action! 
  • Creative Direction from our CEO, Devin 
  • 4 Hour Photo and Video Shoot packed with unlimited opportunities for you to create all the photos and videos you can imagine

Post VIP Day: Once you're a VIP, you're always VIP!
Don’t worry, we’ll circle back! Even after you have all you need, posting can be stressful. Your VIP status gives you access to our team office hours*-via slack- so you can get the advice you need in real time! 
*-office hours vary 

Attempting to complete a long list of to-do’s in one day can be overwhelming.

Time is expensive, and our team understands the value of your experience seriously. An investment in VIP Day looks like this: 

After VIP Day, we’re pretty optimistic you’ll feel: 

Inspired. New content can really encourage you to develop even more content! 

Overwhelmed. (In a good way) AND SUPPORTED. You just got a bunch of content and everything is so dope, you're not sure how to maintain the new hype…after your exclusive VIP day, you may be interested in upgrading to additional content creation and social media management. 

Accomplished. You conquered the task of developing fresh content for your brand.

Confident. Your photos came out AMAZING… you did that! 

Enthusiastic. Posting your content just got way easier! 

So what does it take to enroll in our VIP Day? 

Show up. Get the red carpet treatment at your VIP shoot!

Receive a 30-day Content Execution Plan specific to your business goals.

Show out. We can’t wait to see what you post your new content!

Apply for VIP Day by completing our form so we learn more about you and your brand.  

We'll a 1-hour video call so that I can learn more about your brand, products and or services, target audience and current goals.

Accept your calendar invites. We’ll schedule your VIP Day! You'll also receive access to a custom Trello Planning Board with resources, action items, and content ideas.

our VIP Day is ideal for established, open-minded entrepreneurs who identify as BIPOC, women, and/or members of the LGTBQIA+ community who are ready to make the investment required to create fresh, new content for their followers. 







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The Commitment: From Start to Finish, VIP day requires 2-3 weeks of your time.

Invest in yourself...


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sasha willis - boundless audio podcast network

I've seen tremendous growth!

Devin has helped build my podcast
community into more than just numbers and into dedicated, engaged listeners and

erin perkins - mabely q

The best decision I ever made!

I love having Devin & Creative Gravity do content curation. She does it so well... she understands me and really is able to execute my voice so impressively. So much so, that sometimes I'm like wait did I write that?! It's the best! 

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