I am Devin Brinkley, MBA, and the founder of Creative Gravity LLC , a consulting firm that specializes in growing small businesses through creative social media strategies.

½ Corporate, ½ Entrepreneur, I am well versed in various industries including healthcare, dining, retail, and podcasts. Having started a food truck from the ground up, solely marketing on social media, I know how incredibly challenging it is to grow a small business. ⁠

⁠I use my background in Business Administration and Communications, and years of experience as a social media manager, to build clear and effective marketing and social media strategies for other small business owners. ⁠

⁠I am passionate about creating innovative content that is impactful and engaging and I’m driven by the desire to help other entrepreneurs reach their full potential. ⁠

⁠Creative Gravity – Taking your small business to new heights. 🚀