Devin Brinkley – Owner, Creative Strategist & Social Media Manager

I am Devin Brinkley, MBA, and the founder of Creative Gravity LLC , a consulting firm that specializes in growing small businesses through creative social media strategies.

½ Corporate, ½ Entrepreneur, I am well versed in various industries including healthcare, dining, retail, and podcasts. Having started a food truck from the ground up, solely marketing on social media, I know how incredibly challenging it is to grow a small business. ⁠

⁠I use my background in Business Administration and Communications, and years of experience as a social media manager, to build clear and effective marketing and social media strategies for other small business owners. ⁠

⁠I am passionate about creating innovative content that is impactful and engaging and I’m driven by the desire to help other entrepreneurs reach their full potential. ⁠

⁠Creative Gravity – Taking your small business to new heights. 🚀

Hannah Renee is a graduate of Pensacola Christian College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Performance and Communications Studies. Her love of Social Media came from working in the Arts. When it comes to the Arts, a big way to get people to come to shows is all about reaching out to the community via social media! So she took to handling the social media accounts wherever she went. 

Hannah Renee has now ventured off in doing freelance Social Media, seeing the importance it brings in every business, and not just the Arts. She believes the saying “communication is the most important thing” and that social media is no exception to that.

Hannah Renee – Social Media Manager